The Author

Photo by The Madious

D. J. LeMarr

I am a writer of tragedy. Maybe there is something wrong with me, but a story without pain and strife is unbecoming of the epics my mind adores to invent. So if you are seeking another author to make you feel happy and safe, you best go elsewhere. Triumph and happiness have a place, but tragic horrors steal the show.

Origin Story

​I was born in a town you have never heard of in a place you would refuse to waste your vacation time on. That boundless plain of cornfields is what prompted my overactive imagination. After all, I had nothing else to do.

I later escaped by joining the military after working odd jobs and attending college. I served in the United States Military and was stationed at Arlington National Cemetery, Fort Myer (near Washington D.C.). There I was a casket bearer, among other things, and served four years. I escaped the army seeking to do a number of things before finally excepting that I was a writer.


Present Day

Now, I live with my wife just outside of D.C., and write as often as I have hours in the day to waste. I read books, drink coffee, and find ways to slaughter the boredom that adulthood tries so desperately to force you to adhere to.


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