Poetry Book for Charity

Poetry Book for Charity

I have been working on a poetry collection for a while now, and every time I thought I was getting close to completion, I wasn’t. It has been a frustrating process, but I finally have a collection together and ready…almost. It is called The Abyss Stared Back and it will be a book that’s theme is mental health, suicide, addiction, depression, and other disorders with the brain. I have gathered a good collection of these poems, and that was when the idea hit me. I quickly compiled them all together and have been editing and polishing ever since.

I just ordered the proof. So, hopefully (within the next few months) it will be available for pre-order. Now, this blog post is called Poetry Book for Charity. And that is what this is. 100% of the pre-order profits will be donated to The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. Check them out. They are the bee’s knees.

I will be keeping you all updated as to when the book is available for pre-order and other details as they arise. But as someone with Borderline Personality Disorder, this is a project that means a lot to me. I want to be sure it is perfect. As of right now there are a little over 6o poems. I may add more or remove some. We shall see.

Final thing, this is going to be a book with poems with how people feel as they suffer, the way they reaction to their illnesses, and all-in-all, the darker side. This isn’t a book to give you warm feelings. It is meant to reveal (at least as closely as my words allow me) the suffering people deal with every day. Most times they do this without anyone knowing. And they need help. No one should be afraid of their own mind.

Anyway, here are a few poems from the book, hope you enjoy:

Suicidal Daydreams



The sweetest

Of nothings,

And how

My ear


To hear

Her blessings



Woke up still breathing

cried myself to sleep once more

living is a chore


Invisible Agonies

A beautiful mess

Hidden behind eager eyes

and smiles too wide


Single Action

I fell in love

She was the one

My omega

Long and slender

Curves in all the right places

I marveled for hours on end


Her flesh corpse cold

Warmed by my hand

I lost myself in the moment

I returned briefly

Awaiting her sweet voice

Anticipation tortured

Then thunder rang

Time stopped


This Bliss

Do a line

Take a chance

Make it mine

A glorious romance

Love is this

Hate is sobriety

Such sweet bliss

Dazed, my sovereignty