A Break from Behind the Mask

June 20, 2017 djlemarr 0

So, the title pretty much explains it all. I am working on several things at once: The Epic of Lucifer, the edits to The Worst Misery, and the epic fantasy I’ve mentioned before. I will more than […]

Kaptain Ka-BOOM: Part Four

June 15, 2017 djlemarr 0

I was graciously led back to my scooter and had a tag-a-long ride with me all the way back to my apartment. Wrath nearly pissed herself laughing when she saw my scooter. Said it was cute. When […]

Kaptain Ka-BOOM: Part Three

June 1, 2017 djlemarr 0

The line was already around the block. I thought arriving at seven in the morning would have at least gotten me near the  front, but I would be lucky to see Kaptain Ka-BOOM before he left. I […]

Kaptain Ka-BOOM: Part Two

May 15, 2017 djlemarr 0

Explosive was a massive hardcover book. It just released about two months ago. The cover carried all the magic of a Michael Bay film, with a title that would have been laughed at had Kaptain Ka-BOOM not […]

Poetry Book for Charity

May 13, 2017 djlemarr 0

I have been working on a poetry collection for a while now, and every time I thought I was getting close to completion, I wasn’t. It has been a frustrating process, but I finally have a collection […]

Kaptain Ka-BOOM: Part One

May 1, 2017 djlemarr 0

Spring was on its way. It wasn’t here yet though, and the bitter winds stung my lungs. It was my day off. And I made the commitment to fitness. I wanted to catch Speed Demon. I know […]

Madame Sunshine: Part Four

April 15, 2017 djlemarr 0

The next morning, when my article was published for the world to see, I expected dirty looks. I hesitated to go outside, was worried about going to my classes and facing my students, and afraid of just […]