Something Sinister This Way Comes

January 27, 2018 djlemarr 0

The title should well explain that dark things are brewing. First of those dark dealings is a new book Something Beautiful. It is the first book in a duology called The Monster. I’m very excited about this, and […]

A Break from Behind the Mask

June 20, 2017 djlemarr 0

So, the title pretty much explains it all. I am working on several things at once: The Epic of Lucifer, the edits to The Worst Misery, and the epic fantasy I’ve mentioned before. I will more than […]

Poetry Book for Charity

May 13, 2017 djlemarr 0

I have been working on a poetry collection for a while now, and every time I thought I was getting close to completion, I wasn’t. It has been a frustrating process, but I finally have a collection […]