A Break from Behind the Mask

June 20, 2017 djlemarr 0

So, the title pretty much explains it all. I am working on several things at once: The Epic of Lucifer, the edits to The Worst Misery, and the epic fantasy I’ve mentioned before. I will more than […]

Kaptain Ka-BOOM: Part Four

June 15, 2017 djlemarr 0

I was graciously led back to my scooter and had a tag-a-long ride with me all the way back to my apartment. Wrath nearly pissed herself laughing when she saw my scooter. Said it was cute. When […]

Kaptain Ka-BOOM: Part Three

June 1, 2017 djlemarr 0

The line was already around the block. I thought arriving at seven in the morning would have at least gotten me near the  front, but I would be lucky to see Kaptain Ka-BOOM before he left. I […]

Kaptain Ka-BOOM: Part Two

May 15, 2017 djlemarr 0

Explosive was a massive hardcover book. It just released about two months ago. The cover carried all the magic of a Michael Bay film, with a title that would have been laughed at had Kaptain Ka-BOOM not […]

Kaptain Ka-BOOM: Part One

May 1, 2017 djlemarr 0

Spring was on its way. It wasn’t here yet though, and the bitter winds stung my lungs. It was my day off. And I made the commitment to fitness. I wanted to catch Speed Demon. I know […]

Madame Sunshine: Part Four

April 15, 2017 djlemarr 0

The next morning, when my article was published for the world to see, I expected dirty looks. I hesitated to go outside, was worried about going to my classes and facing my students, and afraid of just […]

Madame Sunshine: Part Three

April 1, 2017 djlemarr 0

I wish looking into Madame Sunshine painted her in a better light. I didn’t, and I tried. Really, I did. I swear, but now all I see is a narcissistic powerhouse. Someone whose scope of the world fails to […]

Madame Sunshine: Part Two

March 15, 2017 djlemarr 0

Times Square was ruined once more. I sat watching the news. They say that it was an explosion that the Sinisters were hoping to use to annihilate all of Manhattan. There was no mention of Lady Monster. […]

Madame Sunshine: Part One

March 1, 2017 djlemarr 0

I never thought too much about the Sentinels. They always seemed as normal as the police or the army. The Sentinels were just another aspect of what keeps the world safe. Interchangeable really. Like all children, I […]