Cover reveal of Something Beautiful

Cover reveal of Something Beautiful

I wrote a novel called Mad World  (as some of you may or may not know) and promised that it would be released a while ago. Unfortunately said novel sucked. Well, maybe it wasn’t horrible, some fun and horrible (in the good way) ideas were there, but it was lacking.

I killed it.

While writing my newest attempt at a story of monsters I created something beautiful (get it?) from its corpse. A novel that launched a thousand ideas for a mad world of monsters devouring souls and hunters trying to slay those monsters. After finishing the first draft of this new book, I looked at the painting of this demonic woman you see below that I have hanging above my desk, and realized that it would be the perfect cover for this new book. It fit wonderfully.

I decided then and there I had to use the artwork so beautifully made by Bonnie Ramone for Something Beautiful which is a love child of the Mad World Universe and this new reality I have created. I’m calling this collected of books set in this universe The Chronicles of a Mad World. Yes. Expect to see plenty of books set within this world.

This is that artwork without the lame font I added to censor it:

P.S. The title will cover up the nipples.

P.S.S. The title I added to the cover on the The Chronicles of a Mad World page of my website is not final. I will have Bonnie place something far more fitting this gruesome tale of monsters.

P.S.S.S. The back of the book is still in the works, but will have an equally amazing work of demonic art.