Excerpt from The Fiery Lake of Burning Sulfur

Chapter I

The Lost Throne of the Wyrm


Lucifer descended into oblivion

Deepest depths of Creation

The Abyss, shattered remnant of cruelty

Holding boundless sins immemorial

The past that tainted God’s divinity

Was locked away in that catastrophe


The Wyrm sank lower still

Eyes blinded

Ears deprived

Flesh and scales without feeling

Never a scent to smell

Nor a taste to quell


Lucifer’s mind was wholly occupied

Suppressed memories rose from the dead

The bitter reek of battles fought, poisoning

Decay of loss, staining

Crushing prism encasing pride

Enraging tinder stoking fires of hate



Darkness bound thought

An everlasting nothingness

Lucifer ceaselessly surrendered

Fractured meditations fading

Purpose wavering

Confidence became a tiresome endeavor


So effortlessly it withered

No matter how Lucifer resisted

Archangel Michael scoffed from Heaven

“Thy pitiful existence will fade

Beyond the limits of memory.

Curse thy and thine legacy!”


Spiteful words never heard

Michael spoke simply for angelic ears

Musical declaration for the Heavens

“The faithful need to be protected.

Assured that peace and prosperity reign.”

As the Prince of Darkness fought to remain



The throne of Hell

Vacant of authority

Allowing the Infernal Pit to succumb

To Pandemonium’s will

Sins roamed wild as the wind

Absent of all rhyme, extinguishing flames


The legions broke rank

No honor amongst the mad

Cohesion a concept long rotted

What Lucifer had redeemed diminished

Hell’s wondrous tapestry, sown by idle hands

Unwound at the seams


Earth sighed with relief

The Heavens sang out

Children of God finally freed

Allowed to live the gospel

Follow the shepherd’s crook

Given the ability to reach for eternal salvation

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