Excerpt from The Keys of Death and Hades

Chapter I

The Fall of God’s Beautiful Creation


Lucifer, God’s most beautiful creation

A precious gift to witness

A glorious champion of righteousness

Armored by faith in his Creator

He wielded the light of God

And fires of indignation


Then came the fall of the archangel

From the graces of God

Unprecedented infidelity

Of Lucifer, highest of the seraphim

A tragedy that God never prophesied

That perfect paradise lost


Lucifer plunged into Hell

Heaven rang its victorious bells

Archangel Michael vanquished sin

Lucifer lost dominion over light

Cast into the fire without any might

Destined to rot till kingdom come



He cursed the validity of the gospel

Rallied legions to arms against God

Those who sacrificed and lost

Lucifer’s angels fell from the Heavens

Doomed to suffer a myriad of atrocities

Of Hell’s domain


A place so barren that limits fade

With a belly bellowing up roars

Seeking its only, truest purpose

Devour all the heathens

The ones Heaven banishes

And raze their souls forevermore


Lucifer observed his sovereignty

The realm of the evil ones

No love or light from God

Naught pierced the overcast

The Wyrm observed the desolation,

“Thy will be done.”



The reign of Lucifer had begun

Only a husk of former prowess

The loyal minds of his legions

Fell before the madness of Hell

But Lucifer remained true to self

The perfect creation, without contest


He looked up into Hell’s leaden sky

Aware of God’s judgmental stare

Lucifer’s blood boiled within

His teeth turned to fangs, hands to claws

Eyes smoldered with odium

While thoughts overflowed with devotion


An unwavering purpose

It kept his heart pure

The desire to claim the Infinite Throne

Never for himself, nor anyone else

To keep it vacant till the end of ends

So that all would become chaos

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