The Beasts of Earth and Sea: Third Book in The Epic of Lucifer (Signed)


A signed copy of The Beasts of Earth and Sea: the third book in The Epic of Lucifer.

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The Wyrm eclipses the Light of God.

Lucifer has summoned the Beasts of Earth and Sea from abyssal darkness and pride’s unholy flame. The Wyrm’s ideals, idolized. The Mark of the Beast taints those of humanity whom fell to temptation, while the knowledge Yahweh forbid spreads like wildfire. In the wake of his divine ascension, the Wyrm perceives no limits. He soars beyond his rightful place in Creation, spurred on with abyssal notions.

A battle ensues between the Impious and the Infinite, leaving humanity to suffer the maelstrom of worshiped good versus known evil.

The Wyrm has risen to profane heights, but would Lucifer survive should he fail?

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