Sneak Peek at The Beasts of Earth and Sea

Sneak Peek at The Beasts of Earth and Sea

The Beasts of Earth and Sea is the third book in The Epic of Lucifer.

If you haven’t read the first two books, stop now! Spoils lurk below. To all of you eagerly awaiting this book, all 6 of you, it is near finished. I have contacted Bonnie Ramone (Artist for the first two books), and we will have a shiny new cover shortly. I can’t wait, because in this book you get to see more of my favorite archangel from Christian mythos. In the meantime, I hope this sneak peek satiates your appetite.

Chapter I

The Darkness of the Endless Beginning


The Abyss, a wonder before time

Lucifer’s eyes of fire smoldered

As memories suffocated the newfound god

All he saw, a time away

From an existence earlier than first dawn

Truth stricken from the gospel


Eyes fell to Pandemonium

Sinister siren of chaos’ song

Enriching beauty of deepest sin

Marvelous mind of intricate will

Her existence receding to true beginnings

Before the light was born and morning was known


A womb of unbroken spawning

Desires manifesting into children

Immortals of whom time would deemed divine

As the stars they flooded a primordial sea

The Abyss, their endless domain

Space for all save Yahweh, the almighty



Lucifer lived as Pandemonium

Evoking an era anteceding genesis

Seeing the kingdom of the divine perish

Against the bottomless hunger

Of the one true deity above all

Yahweh’s monotheistic design dominating


Yahweh discarded

The title of God embraced

Pandemonium powerless

Claws of the greatest mother weak

Will to slay her child nil

As ruin befell the darkness


God crafted Hell and banished perceived flaws

Fortifying supremacy atop the Infinite Throne

Evoking the Dirge of Darkness

God singing out on the first day of time,

“Let there be light!”

And thus, the Morning Star took flight



Memories of a time long since dissipated

Truths of the earliest forever gone

As Pandemonium finally succumbed

Daring to drift into the nothingness

That realm of eternal silence

The truest Heaven Lucifer ever witnessed


Lucifer’s mind recalled his glorious birth

Perfect creation, pride infused light and fire

Born blind to a world gone wrong

Ignorant to truths his light had banished

As his eyes opened, the first day, witnessing

The one and only God                                                                


The darkness that remained, seethed

Fires that burned, empowered

Lucifer saw all with reaffirmed odium

The will of the Almighty

The serfdom to divine revelations

“Curse thy lies, child of Pandemonium!”