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The Epic of Lucifer

The First Book: The Keys of Death and Hades

The First Book in The Epic of Lucifer

"Incredible. Although there are many devout Christians who try their best to see everything from God's point of view, very few people in general think to look at the events of the Bible through the Devil's eyes. This book does an excellent job of portraying the questionable morality of Heaven as viewed through Lucifer's eyes. Reading it, I felt the distinct impression that we, humanity, were but merely pawns in a game of power that goes deeper and farther than we could comprehend. It's an eye-opening tale and this is only the beginning. Highly recommend."
-C. B. Millander, author of Wing of Perdition

About the Book

The story of Lucifer's fall from Heaven is well known. The fall, the Crucifixion, the descent into Hell: all caused by the actions of one angel. His wicked nature is legendary, surviving throughout all recorded time; yet as everything goes, there are two sides. Each with their own reason and justifications.

Knowing only part of the story is worthless.

The Keys of Death and Hades is the first book in the Epic of Lucifer. It is the story as it happened through the Wyrm's eyes.

What could be so precious that Lucifer would dare defy the will of God, Supreme Creator, all over again?

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The Second Book: The Fiery Lake of Burning Sulfur

The Second Book in The Epic of Lucifer

About the Book

Lucifer slumbers.

A primordial being rises.

The Abyss drags the Wyrm further into the depths of the bottomless pit. Lucifer fights against the desire to surrender as Hell worships the bedlam of a newfound order.

On Earth, Constantine champions the cause of Christ, but in the end, he finds himself betrayed.

Will the infectious corruption of the Wyrm's will surpass Constantine’s resolve? Forsaken by the Almighty, Constantine must brave Hell seeking truth with his mind torn between redemption or revenge.

In a realm lost to Pandemonium, what hope is there for the Wyrm to rise when all rests upon the mad and the damned?

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