The Worst Misery

About the Book

Hell is ugly. This is an undeniable a fact. It is a horrid place of uncensored hardships we would rather not acknowledge out of disgust and fear. Yet those damned souls judged unworthy of Heaven aren’t so fortunate. Malloreigh Dawntay is one of these unlucky souls. He must live,  endure, and attempt to overcome the true nature of suffering, but when face to face with the Devil, one has no allies, no hope. Only madness. But is that exactly what Malloreigh needs to challenge the might of Hell itself?

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The Dying of Bobby Mars

About the Book

Music erupts like a volcano of angst. Darren screams out to the crowd like a fallen angel preaching against the normal. He looks untouchable, but it’s a lie…

I’m sorry, Darren.

Sally starts to sing, and the words surge through the crowd like a beast as they mosh and scream. I hammer on my drums, drinking it in with a jittery smile. Tyler slaps his bass like he’s trying to find the festering crowd’s vein and gift them a high worth celebrating. I wish Dad were here to see this, but whatever, it won’t matter soon anyways.

Seeing this all again is hell.

Haven’t slept in two days. Probably won’t sleep tonight. Hard to say, don’t really remember today. It’s all a blur from another life ago. I used to think this was glorious—most of me still does, probably always will—but seeing us fly this close to the sun for the momentary glory…

It isn’t worth it.

None of this is worth it.

But hearing the music fill us. It’s soothing. And igniting. Never has any drug made me feel more alive than being on stage.

I don’t want to lose all this again.

I can’t lose this again…

This title will be released in 2020

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