The Reviewer: A Hero Born by Jin Yong (Translated by Anna Holmwood)

A Hero Born: The Definitive Edition





A Hero Born: The Definitive Edition by Jin Yong
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is an achievement. Jin Yong created true magic here, and I am truly grateful to Anna Holmwood for laboring over the monumental task of translating his book. A Hero Born reads like Lord of the Rings meets the amazing action of a Jackie Chan movie. The characters are colorful, strange, endearing, and just great fun. Every scene was a treat, every word leaps from the page. I instantly, the very moment I finished the last word, ran off to my local bookstore and pre-ordered A Bound Undone (this is something I have never done, even for books I consider my favorites), but this book had me hooked and craving more epic heroes and martial arts and brilliant characters. There is a reason this book is held in such esteem in China, and we are lucky to have it brought west.

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