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Cherry by Nico Walker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The book is a visceral telling of an unnamed character growing up in the Midwest. A character that ends up joining the army and serving in Iraq during 03 and 04. The horrors of his time oversees are painted in a deflowered clarity. War, IEDs, and those few soldiers who delight in violence are lay before you and there is no looking away. It is a powerful and very real telling of life in the military. Upon returning home he then falls into further and becomes a dope fiend. The wild idea of robbing banks to support using takes root and it is portrayed beautifully in its simplistically. This is a very unique book and read like few I’ve ever come across, like a pure stream of conscious thought that is wholly the characters in all its virtues and failings. Cherry is a page turner and the unnamed character’s life is akin watching a train wreck, and you cannot look away no matter how hard you try.

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