The Reviewer: Grendel by John Gardner


Grendel by John Gardner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Grendel by John Gardner is everything I wanted and everything I wasn’t expecting. It’s a powerful telling of a story we’ve all read, either out of pleasure or out of force, thanks high school.

Grendel is cynical, nihilistic, a cry baby mama’s boy, and an arrogant thug who believes himself above all others, believing that he alone can see their futile stupidity. And reading Grendel tell his story had me smiling, chuckling, rolling my eyes, thinking, and just plain feeling. Plain and damn good fun. This is a short read yet an adventure that you will read slowly in order to savor and really bask in the wonder of it.

Every bit as great as the original epic and a fantastic addition to the mythos.

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