The Worst Misery: Chapter Nine

The Worst Misery: Chapter Nine

Chapter IX

Exploring Heaven


I’ve painted so many things, read books, and took up learning to play the cello, but nothing took my mind off Baal’s words.

Heaven and Hell doing battle…


As for his other words, I knew them to be a demon’s trick. I paid them no mind whatsoever!


The Apocalypse…

Both were said to happen. The Apocalypse had taken place already, so why not the clashing of angels and demons? Don’t they go hand in hand?

Where is God in all of this? I would have thought that Luci would have wanted to kill God, but Baal said the battle was against Michael…

Why? I thought Luci would’ve wanted to assume the throne as Master of the Universe, and to do that she’d have to take out God, right? Saint Michael should be a steppingstone, not the endgame…

 The schemes of such beings made my head split and ache something awful.

What does it matter? I asked myself. Who cares? Let all this nonsense happen. It’s above your right to understand. I’m just a mortal man, after all…


“Things roll downhill. Unfortunately, you—and every other human—are at the very bottom of that hill,” spoke a weak voice in my head. The madness? Wherever the voice came from didn’t matter. It was right. Hell and Heaven fighting in an all-out brawl was going to be horrible for everyone caught in the crossfire.

“What if I gathered up a group of people? I could find people in Heaven to help soften the blow from the devastation of Armageddon. We stand no chance of stopping it. We’re just mortals. But maybe we can weaken it. If we manage to stop it that would be splendid! However, hope is a false dream that I refuse to give any power to. But we could endure. We could manage that much, I’m sure. Right?”

What’s the plan?

Who should I look for?

What talents do I need?

What role do I play in all of this?

Why bother?

What can you possibly hope to achieve?

All these questions seemed unanswerable. I had no clue where to seek out the answers.

I looked to my window.

“Take me to a person whose main goal in life was saving lives.”

That seems like a good place to start.

On the other side of the glass was an old woman reading in a study. Books lined the room like wallpaper. Under dim candlelight, she peered through half-moon glasses enthralled in her studies, an absentminded grin pulling at her lips. I decided to test something and knocked on the glass. I watched as the elderly woman got spooked by the sudden noise. Hand over on her chest she frantically looked around.

Easily startled, I thought. Dragging you along with me would be a catastrophic.

“At least you taught me that you can’t see me. The window must be open for that to happen, I suppose…”

My mind wandered.

“I need a strong hearted soul who would face down all things for what they believe is just.”

Baal’s words echoed again in my mind. Why would some dirt-bag, criminal, rapist care for others? If I was such a monster in life, then explain my actions, Baal.

That bastard grinded against me in the worst way. I wanted another word with him. A word that could cut as deeply as his words had cut me, but I doubt that anything could make him feel a snippet of emotion…

The window brought me to a cliff. At the edge of a cliff was a man. His face was worn. I watched entranced as he danced about with two long spears. Is he a warrior? He reminded me of a cyclone the way he moved. It was so powerful and graceful. He embodied the leopard he wore as clothing and the wind that swirled through his dreaded hair and dangling bone jewelry. His steps were light, but his strikes were heavy.

Do I want a warrior? Am I trying to battle the armies of Heaven and Hell? I wondered. Besides, I don’t know his language.

 Yet, I bet he would face down anyone, or anything for that matter, without hesitation… And that could be useful if we’re trying to escape from some threat or something, right?

I don’t know. This is difficult.

“Souls speak the universal language,” said that tiny voice again which was closer to—

Luci? I wonder what value I hold to her…

If I knew what my purpose was, then that would make facing down the—

Wait, did she really betray me? Was that just a dream or was it reality? Damn you Baal! I had so many questions!

“I want answers!” I shouted, blood boiling.

I opened the window and decided to test what the tiny voice said.

“Hello, I’m Malloreigh Dawntay!”

I guess even the bravery of a warrior can be tested when someone sticks their head out of thin air and talks to him.

He quickly bowed to me. “A god!”

I understood that! The warrior began to chant under his breath showing me more respect than I’ve ever earned.

It may have been rude, but I interrupted him with, “I must speak with you!” This silenced him, and, to allow him his dignity, I also said, “I’m no god. I’m nothing greater than a man.”

“No man has command over such magic!” he shouted keeping his face in the dirt. He must have thought I, a god, was testing him. “I am Abayomi, great god!”

If I step out will I be able to get back? It was too risky to test.

“Please, Abayomi?” He nodded even though I know I butchered the pronouncing of it. “Please, come inside.”

Strange how that even though we knew the same language, the one of the soul, apparently, I could still butcher a word. Must be because the word was new to me, or the pronunciation was just too foreign for my tongue.

That doesn’t make any sense.

How the universe worked was so confusing. I just let it be.

Abayomi’s physical prowess was beyond human, and h proved this as he coiled his muscular legs and leapt. In a flash he had entered my room, but he immediately went back to groveling.

“Stop it!” I shouted. “Stand as a man before a man!”

Abayomi listened but was as timid as a child in a new place. Everything here was not just different, but completely alien, hundreds of years before his time I’d bet.

“You seek to be a man?” Abayomi asked beyond baffled. I agree that it would have been baffling to hear a god talk about wishing to be a man, but that was not the case. Because I was not a god.

This is hopeless.

I hoped that feeling is wrong. I really hope it was.

“I’m a man of God!” I decided this was the best route. “I‘m searching the Heavens for souls worthy enough to aid me in my quest to save all the doomed souls of both Hell and Heaven.”

“The gods seek my help?” Pride, overwhelming pride, erupted from Abayomi as he thought of being a chosen one, and I could relate to that lofty belief. I didn’t have the heart to deflate his self-worth as mine had been.

“If you can offer any, then yes. Your help is most needed.”

“I shall fight for the gods!” Abayomi was swelling with pride that he could not contain. It was sort of infectious. I felt my spine uncurl—straighter, stronger. Then he asked the question I was hoping to ease him into.

“What has the gods seeking man’s help?”

I turned to the window, and said, “Earth.”

“Demons!” Abayomi screamed.  He dropped into a defensive stance, ready for war with impressive resolve out of my ability to possess. Her reminded me of a tiger.

He could be very useful.

However, I don’t want people seeking to fight in Armageddon. Mankind would fall should it fight. We needed the strongest of will and brightest of mind to save them. I worried that Heaven would have softened Abayomi’s mind and will as it had done to mine.

Maybe I should recruit from Hell? I wrote that thought off as a lapse in sanity.

“Would you stand against them without fear? Would your raise your spear in the defense of the meek who were promised the world?” I asked to which Abayomi cried out shaking his spears, stronger in the face of this chaos than I’d ever felt. Doubt died a little. I continued on with a fire, saying, “Look at what they’ve done to our home, to Earth. Now they seek to do more. They want more. We must save our brothers and sisters.”

But soon I grew tired of looking at Earth. “Abayomi’s Heaven,” I said, and the window took us back.

We stood there in silence for a while. I waited as Abayomi absorbed everything.

“You’re strange,” he finally said. “Your skin is colorless like bones left in the sun. Never have I seen such a man or heard of such a man… Who are you?”

“I’m Malloreigh.” When I saw that he had not relaxed his stance, that he now looked at me through suspicious eyes, I explained further, “I’m not a demon. I’m a man like any other. I’m no different than you!”

The demon’s flesh was pale like mine. To him, I must seem like a demon. Especially since I poked my head out into thin air and pulled him into that thin air which lead to a room filled with all sorts of strange things, and then I showed him Hell in all its hideous detail.

How stupid am I?

I could tell how shaken he was. Hell, anyone would be shaken! It was Hell after all! He was now lost to my cause, and the blame fell on me like a mountain made of nails. At first he’d was humbled by a god, driven to rage and alarm by Hell on Earth, and now he was terrified. And could I blame him?

He looked at me like I was a demon. Like Baal was right about me… I probably seemed no different to him than Abaddon did to me. I just changed this man’s life, flipped his entire world view in a matter of minutes.

I opened the window. “Return home,” I said.

He ran! You would’ve thought I’d been infected with the plague or something. I could tell that he wished and hoped this was a wild dream.

Me too…

What took me over a century I was trying to force to happen in moments.

This is hopeless.

But I pressed on. I searched the different Heavens for something to jump out at me, anything. I needed a sign, and I was close to just seeking out Baal to find out just what that sign was. He had said he didn’t lie, but had that been a lie?

Who knows?

Not me.